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Creating Your Own Magickal Happening

I presume most of you don’t think you have real Magickal powers, right? But what if you did?

Have you ever put it to the test? Or, secretly, do you think that you have some things happening around, or within, you that you can’t explain like intuition, strange coincidences, maybe even little miracles?

You see, we are taught not to believe in Magick, because it’s not science, not real, and really you shouldn’t tamper with anything you don’t know about.

Besides which, the people that hold power over you would hate you to learn how to completely own your life, your talents and your ability to change things, let alone use your brain and learn to harness a force which is totally available to you at any time!

Now, I can’t move objects just by thought. I can’t wave a magic wand and produce a wad of banknotes, nor tidy a room up simply by snapping my fingers. My Magickal powers, and yours (hopefully) soon, are subtle but true. Just as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars and Harry, in the Potter books found out, it takes time and practice to harness your Magickal powers. So, there is a need to start small and work up from there.

However Magick exists in every living thing.

Your Magickal powers are based around one simple force ~ your personal energy ~ and that energy is in within you. You just need to know how to use that energy. And that, my friend, is what we can help with. 

A Magickal Happening then, is about collecting, combining and harnessing complementary energies, alongside your own personal energy and your intention i.e. the aim of your spell, or Magickal Happening.

You can start your Magickal Quest today by asking yourself what is it that you need right now. A new job?

A love interest?

Greater security?

To protect yourself from someone or something?

To be more authentically you?

Then set the power of your Magick to achieving it.

Magickal Happenings

Magickal Quest has lovingly cultivated three unique ways to connect, and harness, your energy to help manifest the positive change you'd like to see in your life.

Firstly, we have Magickal Intentions ~ this is how you lay out your needs to the Universe. Secondly, we have Magickal Rituals ~ these are how you harness the power of your Mind. And finally, we have Magickal Meditations ~ for when you want to raise your vibrations and materialise a truly higher version of yourself.

The products we have put together will simply teach you to go beyond your Ego, beyond all the strictures you have been taught by society, in order to be in control of your own thoughts, behaviours and beliefs. To know what it is you really want and to allow yourself to be the person you want to be - rather than the person you're simply expected to be by others.

Each Magickal Happening comes complete with an exercise book (as shown here) that you can customise, and use to document your Magickal experiences.

Create Your Own Magickal Happening

Invoking a Magickal Happening is all about getting yours and the Universe’s vibrations working in harmony to manifest some positive change in your life.

Setting up your Magickal Space

You have a much greater chance of harmonising energies, if you surround yourself with the right tools and supporting energies, and by removing anything that might detract from your vibrations, focus or experience. For these reasons we recommend the following:

Allow yourself at least 30 - 60 minutes of undisrupted time to focus on your Magickal happening

Turn off phones or alarms

Find a comfortable, private and warm place and have a glass of water to hand

Close curtains/dim lights if you wish

Fill your space with natural energies and Magickal tools complementary to what you’re trying to achieve so relevant crystals, incense, candles, herbs or plants and so on

Make sure you’re being safe and responsible at all times. Please keep the burning candles out of reach of children and animals and never leave them unattended. Place candle on a heat-resistant base. Do not place the candle near curtains or open windows.

    Invest yourself in the experience.

    The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. The full extent of your personal power is unlikely to come to the fore if you’re a doubting Thomas. Put your faith in the process. Believe it will work.


    Start a journal about what you're doing, why, how you're feeling and so on. After your Magickal experience document anything that's happened, how you feel after the event and come back to your journal every few days to talk about its subsequent impact on your life.

    Try to always include a few basic details such as your entry date, time and location. Although they sound like menial things, these details can prove very useful when you’re looking back on your progress.

    Connect to the Magickal Source of Energy

    Use a guided meditation or visualisation to connect and through meditation, ask for guidance on what a Magickal Quest might mean to you.

    Do you hear (or already have!) a nagging, inner voice reminding you of something you want to do or should be doing, or an important part of you that's getting overlooked in life? What stands between you and true balance and happiness? How is that really impacting you day to day?

    Ask the Universe for signs in the coming week about what you could or should be aspiring to. 

    Remember to close down your connection when your meditation is complete. Revisit your journal as we've already mentioned. Carry it around with you for the next week, making notes on any signs, coincidences and strange occurrences.


    At the end of that week, sit down and read your journal right from the beginning and reflect upon its contents. What have you learned? Is there any action you now want to take in your life? Anything you'd like to look into further? Have you found a starting point for your Magickal Quest?


    We're hoping that you'll at least give it a try, what have you got to lose? Maybe you could get a group of friends together - a bit like Circle - and try it together. Did someone say Magickal party?

    However you go about it, please share your experiences here on our Magickal Quest Facebook Group.

    Thanks for reading and good luck. If you'd like any help or guidance then please drop us an email to