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Step by Magickal Step

Nobody really knows whether they will end up in the place they thought they wanted to be. We know it's a cliché, but life really is an ongoing journey.

We talk about our Magickal Quest, and we thought that maybe you would like to know where we thought we were heading, and whether we expected what we've encountered along the way.

Well here's our story so far.

From our own experiences, we knew how to harness the Universal Energies, within, and around us, and how it could help shape our reality. We wanted other people to discover their own inner magick, and so we started finding ways of doing that. Since then, we have been climbing a magickal stairway taking us to who knows where.

We started out with the knowledge of what you told us you would like to see - which was crystals - and then we began to understand that many people didn't really know what to do with them once they had them. We decided to make specific crystal packs which would focus on a specific intention, and therefore get the Energies to work toward a particular goal (an intention) which people could work with. At the physical events/fairs we attend, these packs turned out to be very popular indeed, and people are now coming specifically for our goods at these events.

From crystals, we moved towards crystal wands, and we started to realise the diverse power of crystals, and how the geometric shapes and specific carvings were also very influential in helping the Energies work with us. 

Each magickal step brought us to another.

You see, the more you work with the Universe, and the Universal Energies, the stronger your own Energy works. It is like the friction build-up when you rub a balloon on your sweater - the more you do it, the more likely the balloon will stick to a wall or make your hair stand on end. It won't work if you just gently touch the balloon to your sweater. It's the same with the Universal Energies, they need to be worked with, daily, to get stronger.

We also found out that, if we felt that if extra help was needed, we could inscribe our needs on small candles, light the candle till the inscription melted, let our request 'be' out there - sure of a positive result - and we found this worked pretty well, too! And so, shortly, you might see our lovely 'Lotus Flower Intentions' in our shop which combines a lotus flower candle holder, a candle and a tarot card for individual Intentions.

At our events, the personalised way we present our packs and intentions, encourages our clients to focus on their particular issues, and helps them feel they have something to work with, and to work towards.  And being able to see the beauty of an individual crystal, or feel a crystal heat up in your hand, is something we cannot easily demonstrate across the internet. This is our next challenge. How could someone buying from our online shop feel the buzz of the Reiki Energy each of our items receive? Or how can they experience the physical draw from some of our magickal gifts? It's pretty hard to get that across.

Each magickal step takes us further, and further, on our Magickal Quest - where the sparkling promise of exciting happenings are beginning to take shape. Should we get a physical shop? Should we do home events? The possibilities are endless, but what is more amazing is how it is such a joy to be working in this field! 

We just wanted to let you know how working with the Universal Energies can become a magickal way of life. And we wanted you to know that crystals, spirit animals, magickal gifts, candles and wands all contribute to that magick being amplified to an amazing degree.

We are taking each of our steps one by one, with our eyes firmly kept on the beautiful sparkles of belief and intention drawing us ever upward, to somewhere we have never been. Perhaps you'd like to come with us? We, of course, welcome you all.