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Your Magickal Quest

In this blog we want to explain a little more about what we mean when we talk of a Magickal Quest. We believe that Magick is really all about two things. 

Firstly, we believe there's invaluable benefit to tapping into natural resources and energies that surround us. This could be spending time in nature, using crystals, accessing Reiki or some other such pursuit. 

It's equally about harnessing and effectively utilising our personal power. That is the power of our mind and intention to bring about the positive change we want to see in ourselves and in our lives.

When we speak of a Quest, we’re talking about your journey to achieve your aims and aspirations in life whatever they may be.  What’s important to you in this life? What are the experiences and feelings you want to prevail and look back on? How is your current situation matching up to your hopes and expectations?

You might be at a great stage in your life, with money in your pocket and a soulmate by your side. Are you still looking for something? Recognition? Pampering? Some good friends and company?

You might be pretty well~off with a good job but have not found the Love of your Life. Is this what you need?

You might have a soulmate, and your gorgeous offspring, but no money and you need to optimise your income.

You might be on your knees having lost your lover, a close family member and have nothing to look forward to, nor any money in your pocket.

You might have everything at your disposal in terms of money and accessories but you are anxious and depressed.

The one thing we all have in common is that our time is a diminishing resource. It’s so easy to become complacent and accept a quality of life we're less than happy with. Of course many of these issues will need real world solutions too but don’t underestimate the impact that truly harnessing your Magick will have on your life.

Positively transforming the way you react, behave and cope with situations will benefit will you endlessly, where waiting for an external situation or person to change will not. Look to those areas that are within your control to achieve a Magickal transformation.

Your Magickal Quest is really about you learning to utilise your Magick to become the person you really want to be, heading toward a destination you want to go to. All you really need is a place to start and faith that it will work. 

You probably won’t need to look too hard to find potential starting points for your Magickal Quest. We all have that inner voice nagging away at us about the negative self traits that are taking hold or the opportunities that are passing us by. It's time to stop and listen to that voice.

And why not start as you mean to go on? We encourage you to try just one Magickal Happening for yourself and monitor your outcome. 

Our next blog will explain more about our Magickal Happenings including our Magickal Intention and Meditation kits. We'll include step by step information detailing how you can create your first Magickal experience at home.

We’re always here to help you along the way. But more than this, we want Magickal Quest to become a community of like~minded people. A place where we can encourage, and help each other to enhance the experience of this more Magickal way of life.

We hope we've motivated you to start your own Magickal Quest and that we'll see you here or on our Facebook group again some time soon.