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Lapis Lazuli Decorative Moon/Stars pendant
Lapis Lazuli Decorative Moon/Stars Pendant
Lapis Lazuli Decorative Moon/Stars Pendant
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Lapis Lazuli Decorative Moon/Stars Pendant

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I am almost lost for words to describe the beauty of this Lapis Lazuli Pendant. 

The amazing blue of this gemstone is mesmerizing - see if you can see the delicate gold tracework in the stone itself. Lapis Lazuli is a very strong crystal in terms of Energy. It holds the eye, feels cool to the touch and will grab attention wherever you go.

The shimmering moon and stars, set against the stone, evoke the night sky in all its glory. The casing is approximately 2.5cm across and 1cm in depth. The back of the pendant allows the gemstone to peep through a gorgeous latticework of shapes and stars. This pendant comes with a beautiful, and delicate, 40cm (30 inch) silver plated chain, and is presented in a luxurious red velvet pouch.

If you are looking for a present with a punch, you have definitely found it in this pendant.

But I'm not finished yet...……..when you understand that Lapis Lazuli gemstones are probably the most revered natural gemstones going way, way back in history, you will not want to be without one of these gorgeous pendants. When you wear it you will 'feel' its energy. The blue of this crystal has been the symbol of royalty. This crystal is a confidence booster, assists with honesty, morality and compassion. It is used to help clear communication, and to reveal inner truth, not to mention inner peace. It is the ultimate crystal to help you with your own 'awareness and self'. It will help you be you.  You'll find this crystal always calls to you and will certainly give you strength. 

With the harmonising Reiki energy we give our jewellery, you, or whoever you buy it for, will love wearing it.

Each crystal is individual and may not look identical to the one shown.

There is FREE shipping on this amazing pendant, so make sure you order today, there are only a few in stock.